Thursday, August 14, 2014

Display - Egypt

By Louise Hawkes
 Muti treasures the necklace her father gave her so much that she risks the wrath of Egypt's pharaoh when it falls into the water. Based on an ancient Egyptian story.

By Nick Would
A tiny scarab beetle saves the Pharaoh from a trap that would have led to his death. Includes facts about ancient Egypt.

The Nile
By David Cumming
The Nile is the longest river in the world. For much of its route through eastern Africa, it travels through desert, and farmers have been using its water for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians farmed the land beside the Nile and built great temples and pyramids on its banks.  The Nile is home to a fascinating range of wildlife, including hippos and crocodiles. Now, the rapidly growing countries along the Nile compete for a share of its water.

By Demi
After thirty-two centuries of lying hidden in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings, King Tutankhamun's sacred, royal tomb was discovered by a British archaeologist, and Tut's story became known throughout the world. Demi sets King Tutankhamun's life in the context of the religious beliefs of his ancestors.

By Leontyne Price
 Retells the story of Verdi's opera in which the love of the enslaved Ethiopian princess for an Egyptian general brings tragedy to all involved.

By Bob Italia
Brief text explores the history, geography, government, cities, recreation, and people of Egypt.

 Mummies in the Morning
By Mary Pope Osborne
Jack and his younger sister take a trip in their tree house back to ancient Egypt, where they help a queen's mummy continue her voyage to the Next Life.
By Philip Yates
Ten little mummies become bored with staying in a room together all day but when they go outside to play they disappear, one by one.

By Ann Heinrichs
Describes the geography, history, culture, industry, and people of Egypt.
By Zahi Hawass
In Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs, cutting-edge forensic information of Tutankhamun provides tantalizing clues to the mysterious life and death of the ancient king. The 55 Tutankhamun artifacts featured in this book as well as 70 additional artifacts from other pharaohs of the eighteenth dynasty illustrate daily life and the journeys of kings to the afterlife, giving us a glimpse into the richness of this ancient civilization.

 Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharoahs
By Marcia Williams
The stories of the Egyptian pharaohs and their gods beginning with Ra rising from the waters of the Niles to create the gods of earth, sky, and rain. In this retelling of nine tales, Marcia Williams uses her signature comic-strip style to capture the rich mythology and early history of this great civilization.

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