Thursday, August 7, 2014

Display - Alphabet Collection

Check out our new Alphabet Collection in our Hot Topics picture books section.
Can you find something in this display case starting with each letter of the alphabet?

By Anita Lobel
A child buys presents from A to Z in the shops along Market Street.

By Alison Jay
In this alphabet book, a is for apple and z is for zoo.
By Martin Springett
When Dennis the dragon emerges from his egg, he cannot yet breathe fire. This is not unusual in the dragon world, but the quest Dennis undertakes to find his flame most certainly is. An alphabetical series of instructions guides the young dragon as he journeys from castle to countryside, from fairground to forest until he arrives at the blazing crater of a volcano.
By Jerry Pallotta
Readers use the alphabet to learn about some of the more unusual mammals of the world.
By Tony DiTerlizzi
Welcome to a silly take on the alphabet with some numbers scattered about. Read it and you'll have lots of fun.
By Kate Endle
Presents an alliterative sentence involving a name, an activity, and an animal for each letter of the alphabet, coupled with collage illustrations.
By Jesse Haas
Moving through the alphabet, a girl ponders the many different kinds of horses she will have when she gets older, from Appaloosa to zebra.
 By Wanda Gag
Follows a little bunny as it scampers through the alphabet.

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