Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Panda-monium at Peek Zoo

Cover image for Panda-monium at Peek Zoo 

Panda-monium at Peek Zoo
by Kevin Waldron
Templar Books, 2014. Unpaged Picture Book

There is a new baby panda at the zoo, and Mr. Peek wants to show her off.  He plans a big event that will end in an animal parade, but he is so distracted he keeps making mistakes.  Luckily his son, Harold, is paying attention, and before you can say "hippopotomus" he makes everything right again. This book will delight children as they notice the mistakes Mr. Peek is making before he notices them himself.  Waldron incorporates a variety of perspectives in his mixed media illustrations that add to the sense of fun.  This is a great book to share anytime, but especially before a trip to the zoo.

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