Friday, June 13, 2014

Oh! The Things I Can Do in the Summer

By Scott Witmer
Provides information on a variety of instruments including the drums, drum kits, other percussion instruments, and both classical and big band instruments.

By Nick Hunter
Read this book to learn how to juggle, walk on stilts, and more circus tricks that will impress your friends! Step-by-step photos, along with clear instructions, break down even the most complicated tricks so anyone can learn them. Safety guidelines and tips from the pros make these books a must have!

By Andrea Mills
An all-singing, all-dancing guide to stardom! Wanna dance? Wanna sing? DK is proud to present You've Got Talent , a spectacular guide to show business and how to become the next big thing.  

By Mary Meinking
This book presents the variety of fascinating jobs found at a circus, from acrobats to clowns.

By World Book, Inc.
Introduction to common hobbies and character development using simple text, illustrations, and photos. Features include puzzles and games, fun facts, a resource list, and an index.

By Frank Baker
 Describes what media is, how movies are part of media, and encourages readers to question the medium's influential messages.

 By Jonathan Quijuano
Travel to a distant galaxy or a far off time. Have a chat with an alien, or fire up your supercomputer. Let your imagination run wild, and then bring your ideas to life by making your own sci fi flick. Learn what makes the sci fi classics stand the test of time, and then discover how to use special effects and other techniques to create an onscreen world that is all your own.

By Mark Stewart 

Sometimes all it takes is one character to turn a movie into an unforgettable classic. This book features ten of the most memorable characters in film history.

By Mark Stewart
From The wizard of Oz to The lord of the rings, this book highlights ten of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood history.
By Kathryn Clay
Simple text and photographs present jazz dancing, including simple steps.

By Wendy Garofoli
Describes Irish Step dancing, including history and basic steps.

By Sally Grindley
Follows the activities of a group of young students in their ballet class as they prepare for a show.

By Wendy Garofoli
Get down on the ground and bust a move. From toprocking to downrocking, you'll be a busy b-girl. Breakdancing will show you what you need to create a crazy routine and impress a crowd.

 By Angela Royston
Explores the stars, the moves, and the clothes that make hip-hop so exciting.

By Ann Love
 Whether they live on the same block or on opposite sides of the world, kids and grandparents can make memories and bridge the generation gap with this fun-filled activity book created just for them!

By Jane Drake
This fully illustrated book in the Family Fun series is packed with more than 150 games and activities for all year round. For indoor and outdoor fun, kids can choose something to do on their own or with friends and family.

By Dorothy Stott
Provides directions for playing a variety of indoor and outdoor games, party games, car games, and singing games.

By Peggy Brown
From making a backyard water park to classic outdoor games such as "Kick the Can," this go-to book for today's families looking for the most fun and creative games features activities, party ideas, and crafts to do together.

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