Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hank Finds an Egg

Hank Finds an Egg
by Rebecca Dudley
Peter Pauper Press, 2013.  Unpaged. Picture Book

A small bear-like creature, named Hank, finds a little, white egg sitting on the forest floor. He quickly locates the nest from which the egg has fallen--but that is when his real problems begin.  There are no words in this book--the gentle and charming tale is told only in pictures. Children will love looking at the photographs and trying to guess what it is that Hank plans to do next. Every once in while you come across a book whose illustrations make you stop and wonder, how did they do that? Hank Finds an Egg is such a book.  Each and every picture is a complicated miniature scene created from scratch. Every leaf, every tree, even the characters have been lovingly created in careful detail.The story line is simple and the pictures stunning. Check it out for yourself.

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