Monday, February 10, 2014

The Menagerie 

The Menagerie
by Tui T. Sutherland
and Kari Sutherland
Harper, 2013.  272 pgs.  Fiction

 After Logan Wilde's mother abandons her family via post card, he and his father  move into a different town in order to begin a new life. That is where he meets Zoe Kahn and her usual group friends. Blue--the strangely quiet, but handsome boy every girl in the school wants to be friends with.  Jasmine--who used to be Zoe's Best friend at school until it all suddenly ended one day and Jasmine can't figure out why. And then there is Keiko--Zoe's adopted sister--a mysteriously prickly girl with secrets to hide. But Zoe and her circle of friends are not all they seem. And the more Logan tries to learn about them, the more he starts to realize they are hiding a secret. A BIG, magical, secret that could change his whole life.

This is a fun and fast paced book for both boys and girl who love stories filled with magic and mythical creatures.

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