Friday, January 31, 2014

Display - Owls

By Arnold Lobel
Welcome to Owl's cozy home. Owl lives by himself in a warm little house. One evening he invites Winter to sit by the fire. Another time he finds strange bumps in his bedroom. And when Owl goes for a walk one night, he makes a friend that follows him all the way home.

Owl Howl
By Paul Friester
Who is that in the forest, howling and howling? A wolf? No. It's a little owl. Everyone in the neighborhood -- from hedgehog to crow to squirrel to mole to stag beetle -- tries to comfort the little owl. They rock her in a large cobweb. They give her a nut. But even the mole's necklace of flowers does not calm her down. What on earth could be the matter?

By Holly Clifton-Brown
Annie Hoot, an owl, loves to knit, but the other owls in the woods will not wear the clothes she makes for them so she goes off in search of other animals that will appreciate her knitwear.
Owly and Wormy extend a helping hand to a family of bluebirds and learn the value of true friendship.
Little Owl's Night
By Divya Srinivasan
Little Owl enjoys a lovely night in the forest visiting his friend the raccoon, listening to the frogs croak and the crickets chirp, and watching the fog that hovers overhead.
Fat Bat and Swoop
By Leo Landry
Fat Bat and Swoop the owl play a trick on Emily the cow but end up getting some of their own medicine.
By Martin Waddell
 Three owl babies whose mother has gone out in the night try to stay calm while she is gone.
By Chris Haughton
While his mother is away finding food, a newborn owl falls out of his nest and anxiously tries to find her, receiving help from various forest animals.
 By DwellStudio
Simple text invites the reader to look under lift-up flaps to find various creatures as they go to sleep at night in the forest.
Oola, the Owl Who Lost Her Hoot!
By Tim Bugbird
When Oola the owl loses her hoot after a busy night of flying and playing, she ventures out during the day in search of it.

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