Monday, December 9, 2013

Here I Am

Here I am
story by Patti Kim
pictures by Sonia Sanchez
unpaged picture book

North Mankato, Minnesota : Picture Window Books, 2014.
This wordless picture book shows a young boy's journey with his family from a far-off country to America. He is obviously not thrilled with the move and everything seems strange and bizarre. The language is confusing, the buildings are huge and school is difficult. He soothes himself by hanging on to a small seed he brought with him from his homeland. Then something happens that could be the worst thing ever. Or maybe it is the best thing ever as it gets him out of the apartment and meeting new people. While the illustrations are not my personal favorite style, they do have a certain charm. I am not sure that small children will catch all the nuances of the child's experience, but they will be able to peruse the pictures to get a story. 

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