Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tea Party Rules

Tea Party Rules
Written by Ame Dyckman
Illustrated by K.G. Campbell
Viking, 2013. Unpaged picture book.

Cub is playing in the woods, and happens upon a tea party with a very tempting offering: cookies! He pops in in place of a stuffed bear (because, really, what a waste to give cookies to a bear who can't even eat them) and settles in. The little girl who set up the tea party comes back and senses something is different about her stuffed bear. According to tea party rules, he mustn't be grubby, he must be neat. And, above all, he must be fancy and eat daintily! So she sets out to properly fix him up. Cub begrudgingly goes along with it in the hopes of getting those cookies. This is not your average tea party picture book. The illustrations are laugh out loud funny, and all the details (like the expressions on the characters' faces) enhance the hilarious text. A must check-out.

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