Saturday, September 14, 2013

The King of Little Things

The King of Little Things
by Bill Lepp
illustrated by David T. Wenzel
Published September 1st 2013 by Peachtree Publishers 
unpaged picture book

The King of Little Things is quite content with the size and variety of his subjects. He happily spends time feeding the smallest of ants and admiring the butterflies that flit around him. The same peacefulness can not be found with King Normous. No matter how vast his empire he always wants more. One day he mistakenly proclaims, "I am King of All Things!" His steward timidly reminds him, "I believe you may have missed His Minuscule Majesty...the King of Little Things." Of course, the Large Liege can not leave anything unconquered and he sets forth to battle the kindhearted monarch. Things definitely do not go as planned and King Normous learns that bigger is not always better and might is not always right. The wonderful tale of two very different kings makes a fun read-aloud. The gorgeous watercolor illustrations add a magical touch. My one and only complaint is that the second page of the story has a list of some really random things in the small king's kingdom, this seems rather awkward and unnecessary to the tale.

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