Thursday, August 15, 2013

Display - Back to School

By Sherry North
In illustrations and verse, lists some of the places a teacher would take her students if she had the means, from a hot-air balloon trip over China's Great Wall to an airboat ride in the Everglades to observe alligators.
By Jan Fields
 Introduces readers to the key steps in writing a school research report through the use of examples and exercises.
By Alec Greven
School is hard! There's a lot to know, like where to sit on the bus, how to find your way around the halls, and what to do to make sure you stay on your teacher's good side. Lucky for you Alec Greven has just turned eleven, and he's seen it all. Alec passes down his sixth-grade wisdom and gives advice that will help every student who's starting out or just started out on the wrong foot.
By Joanna Cole
 Ms. Frizzle and her class explore the senses by traveling on the magic school bus in and out of an eye, ear, mouth, nose, and other parts of both human and animal bodies.
By Carole Lexa Schaefer
 On a warm summer's day, children in a park find fun things to do from A to Z.

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