Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Sasquatch Escape

The Sasquatch Escape
by Suzanne Selfors
Little, Brown and Co., 2013.  215 pgs.  Fiction

       When Ben moves to Buttonville to stay with his grandfather for the summer, the first thing he sees is what he thinks is a very large bird flying overhead. Because he is known for making things up, no one believes him, except his new friend Pearl Petal, who has also seen the "big bird" which turns out to be a dragon. Then Grandpa's cat drags what Ben thinks is a bat into his bedroom, but which turns out to be an injured dragon hatchling.  Pearl and Ben take the baby dragon to Dr. Woo's new Worm Hospital and accidentally release a Sasquatch into the wilds of the Buttonville Senior Center on Pudding Day. Chocolate must be deployed to try to lure the Sasquatch back home. First in a new series, The Imaginary Veterinary, The Sasquatch Escape is a funny and exciting reader for middle grade kids. 

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