Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elvis and the Underdogs

Elvis and the Underdogs
by Jenny Lee
Balter + Bray, 2013.  300 pgs.

Benji Wendell Barnsworth is an accident waiting to happen. Born a sickly child, he has more health issues and accidents in one month than most kids have in their entire life. He has been in and out of the local hospital so often he now has a frequent flyer punch card there. But when he suffers a frightening seizure while at school, his parents decide it is time for a therapy assistance dog to be brought in. What he gets is Elvis, a huge Newfoundland dog that can talk. Unfortunately, Benji is the only one who can understand him when he does. What soon follows is one hilarious adventure after another. Benji soon discovers all the kinds of trouble a big dog with an giant attitude can get him into. A must read for young and old alike!

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