Thursday, July 18, 2013


Written by, Eve Bunting
Illustrated by, Greg Shed
Harcourt, 1995.  Unpaged picture book

A beautifully written and illustrated book about Zoe and her pioneer family's trek to make a new home for themselves in Nebraska.  Zoe's new home is a wide expanse of grasslands.  The closest people to them are the Svenson family, and they live three hours away.  The Svenson's teach Zoe's family how to make a good sod home where bugs and even a snake have been known to "drop" in for dinner!  Once the family settles in a bit, Zoe and her father take a trip into town for supplies.  When Zoe and her dad return home from their trip into town, Zoe spies a patch of dandelions growing.  She and her dad bring them home to her mother for a special surprise.

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