Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Willow Finds a Way

Willow Finds a Way
by Lana Button
illustrated by Tania Howells
Published March 1st 2013 by Kids Can Press
unpaged picture book
Willow is just as excited as everyone else when she finds out she is invited to Kristabelle's birthday party. Then Kristabelle becomes a little too bossy, threatening to cross off the name of any kid that doesn't do what she says. Willow went along because she knew it was going to be a fabulous party. But part of her kept wanting to do her own thing despite the fear of being uninvited. The lovely Kristabelle stuck to her threat and crossed off names as kids rebelled against her. After seeing her friends and classmates get their feelings hurt, Willow finally found a way to speak up for herself and the others without actually having to say a word. This was a bit of a rude awakening for the birthday girl, but of course they all ended up friends in the end.
Cute child-like drawings make the story accessible to all ages. Kids will likely relate to some of the characters in the story and will appreciate the outcome.

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