Saturday, June 15, 2013

Twinky the Dinky Dog

Twinky the Dinky Dog
Written by Kate Klimo
Illustrated by Michael Fleming
Random House, 2013. 47 pages. Easy reader.

Twinky is a little dog, so little that his owner carries him in her purse and calls him "Twinky-Poo!" This mortifies Twinky, because in his mind he is a giant! One day, he breaks free and hangs out with the biggest of the big dogs: Bubba, Bertha, and Tank. The trio teaches him how to strut, growl, and snarl with all he's got. When Twinky returns home, he proudly shows off his new big dog skills. On a dark and stormy night, a robber attempts a break-in, only to be thwarted by Twinky, who totally scares him away with his ferocious snarls. Victory for the dinky dog! This easy reader is good fun, and I think all young readers will love this spunky, not-so-dinky dog.

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