Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stranger Things

Stranger Things
Looniverse #1
by David Lubar
New York : Scholastic, 2013.
90 pages. Intermediate chapter book.

Ed is a normal boy in the third grade. He has a normal family and normal friends. He lives in a normal town and he does normal things. Then one day he finds a bizarre coin in the grass. Suddenly his normal life is anything but normal. Everyone and everything around him starts acting stranger and stranger. As a desperate last resort Ed seeks the advice of Mr. Sage, owner of The New Curiosity Shop. Could it be possible that Ed himself is the cause of all the strange things happening around him? Can he do anything to stop the strangeness and return to normal? Does he even want to be normal again?
Scholastic's new imprint Branches has given us another wonderful series for beginning chapter book readers. This magical tale will grab the attention of kids, particularly boys, in 1st-4th grade. 

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