Thursday, May 23, 2013

Perfectly Hidden

Perfectly Hidden: The Animal Kingdom's Fascinating Camouflage
Written by Dr. Christine Schlitt
Sky Pony Press, 2013. 80 pages. Nonfiction.

Animals from all species rely on camouflage for survival, whether they are predator or prey. Having evolved to match their surroundings, they can blend by changing color, or (like the jellyfish) by simply being transparent. Some even mimic the movement of their hiding place- like the bittern bird who is not only the color of the reeds he hides in, but also sways with them in the wind. Perfectly Hidden, originally published in Germany, is a spectacular choice for young readers looking to learn more about the animal kingdom. It is thoroughly researched and full of amazing photography. The best part is the challenge of trying to spot each hidden creature.

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