Saturday, May 18, 2013

On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein

Written by Jennifer Berne
Illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky
Chronicle Books, c2013. Unpaged, picture book biography.

Albert Einstein was curious about life from a very young age, and this thirst for knowledge led him to many discoveries about the world. On a sunny day in his childhood, as he was riding his bike, he imagined what it might be like to be able to ride on a sunbeam that was shining down from the clouds. This event was the inspiration behind his lifelong study of light and gravity. Author Jennifer Berne has written a lovely story that is rhythmic and inspirational. Illustrator Vladimir Radunsky's pen and ink artwork is stunning, and perfectly suited to the words. With Einstein's discovery that atoms make up everything, the art is pointillisim-inspired; when his love of numbers is described, there are colorful, scattered math equations pictured. Of the many books about Albert Einstein, On a Beam of Light stands out as a profound picture book biography that will appeal to all young readers.

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