Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nellie Sue, Happy Camper

Nellie Sue, Happy Camper
Written by Rebecca Janni
Illustrated by Lynne Avril
Penguin Group, 2013. 32 pages. Easy reader.

Nellie Sue and her friend Anna love to make believe they are camping. They play under a blanket tent, shine their flashlights on wild stuffed animals, and pretend to roast marshmallows. When Nellie Sue's dad sets up a real tent in the backyard, the girls are thrilled to become true camping cowgirls! Mysterious growls outside the tent give them a bit of a scare, but all ends well and the night is capped off by real marshmallow roasting. This is a sweet easy reader that will appeal to both girly-girls and adventurous girls! The illustrations are from the always darling Lynne Avril.

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