Friday, May 17, 2013

Monkey of the Month

Monkey of the Month
by Adam Kramer
illustrated by David Kramer
Atglen, PA : Schiffer Pub. Ltd, c2012.
unpaged picture book.
A boy who usually got boring presents for his birthday was surprised one year to receive notice that he was enrolled in the "Monkey of the Month Club". A monkey every month? This was sure to make life more exciting! His mother was rather fearful of this gift until the first one arrived. They dubbed her "Cinderella" because all she did was clean and clean and clean. The next one, a giant ape, loved to decorate. Just as the mom was getting used to the idea of these animals in her house, an orangutan arrived who was not at all helpful. After many months and many types of monkeys the mother finally sent them all packing as she couldn't handle it anymore. The boy was sad in his now quiet and calm house. "Then exactly one month later, there was a knocking at the door..."
This fun story is told in rhyme, though some of the rhymes are a tad awkward and forced. The illustrations are extremely bright and colorful, sometimes a little too colorful. As an adult reading this to myself I felt it was rather mediocre and the colors a little off-putting in their garishness. However, preschoolers love the rhyme and the lively pictures that tell such a silly story. And many a youngster will be wanting to know how they too can become a member of the Monkey of the Month Club.

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