Saturday, May 25, 2013


by Alvaro F. Villa
North Mankato, MN : Picture Window Books, c2013.
unpaged. Wordless picture book.

This stunning wordless picture book tells of a family whose life is disrupted by a hurricane. Before the storm they play together, watch TV together and work together. As the weather worsens they do everything to protect their property including storm windows and sandbags. However, the powerful wind is worse than they thought and they must evacuate. While they seek shelter elsewhere the risen waters overtake their once cheerful home. When the family returns, it is to a decidedly more dismal sight than when they left. Yet they don't let this devastate them too much and they start right in rebuilding their happy home. The illustrations are moody and lively in their depictions of the storm. However, the human characters show very little facial expression. Overall a wonderfully expressive story of a family that sticks together through thick and thin. 

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