Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Display - Moving

Written by Cat Cora
Illustrated by Joy Allen
When Mommy has to travel for work, her son gives her a special picture to ease their temporary separation.

By Victoria Parker
Read Moving to learn all about what to expect from a move across the street or across the country.

By Anke Wagner
 Pico, a stuffed dog, worries that he will not like the new house when his owner tells him they are moving to a new town.

By Nicola Barbara
Discusses how and why people move, how to say goodbye to friends in an old neighborhood, how it feels to move, loneliness, and how to feel at home and make friends in a new place.
By Teresa and Whitney Martin
 A boy and his cat adjust to the newness of their surroundings after the family packs up their home and moves to a new house.

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