Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Big Guy Took My Ball!

A Big Guy Took My Ball!
By Mo Willems
Hyperion Books for Children, 2013. 56 pages. Easy reader.

Piggie is upset, and rightfully so. She just found a fun new ball, only to have a big guy snatch it from her! She cries her heart out to her best pal, Gerald. And Gerald declares, shaking his fist, "Big guys have all the fun! What about the little guys!?" He heroically goes to get Piggie's new ball back. But the bully turns out to be big, VERY big- he's a blue whale! His size is scary, but he turns out to be a very nice new friend. He thanks Gerald and Piggie for finding his "little ball."  The three new pals then play "Whale Ball," a new game that Gerald and Piggie make up on the spot. Mo Willems' newest Elephant and Piggie adventure is as delightful as ever. Big fun!

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