Friday, April 5, 2013

World War II Spies: An Interactive History Adventure

World War II Spies:  An Interactive History Adventure
by Michael Burgan
Capstone, 2013.  112 pgs. Nonfiction

     This book is a dozen or more books in one, because, just like the fiction series, Choose Your Own Adventure, the You Choose series takes stories based on real events and lets young readers make their own decisions based on what they think they would have done .  A Danish student joins the Resistance movement and helps publish an underground newspaper.  He then has a choice to either stay with the paper, an increasingly risky activity, or join another young man in a sabotage unit.  Each choice branches into multiple other choices so one may be killed by the Gestapo or a German soldier, or become a collaborator. Double agents, agents behind enemy lines--many of the choices that real Europeans might have had during World War II are in this book.  And what better than choosing your own, always dangerous path, to make history accessible and interesting to the younger set?

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