Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Something to Prove

Something to Prove: The Great Satchel Paige vs Rookie Joe Dimaggio
by Robert Skead
illustrated by Floyd Cooper
Lerner Pub Group. April 2013.
unpaged. picture book.

Although Satchel Paige was not allowed to play in the major leagues due to his skin color, everyone knew and respected his skills. This gorgeously illustrated picture book tells of how the Yankees tested Joe DiMaggio’s talent by pitting him against the great Paige in a barnstormer game.  Satchel was playing with an unskilled team against a whole team of major-leaguers. He wasn't too worried, he just knew he would have to do his best. He threw his incredible arsenal of amazing pitches as well as provided some hits for his team. It came down to a tie and extra innings. Joe DiMaggio was up at bat for the fourth time! He finally got a hit! Now the Yankee scout could report to the owners that DiMaggio was as great as they had hoped; he had batted 1 for 4 on Satchel Paige. DiMaggio went on to help his team win the World Series that year.  Satchel Paige continued playing in the Negro Leagues and barnstorming in the off-season.  He would eventually get a chance at the majors, but not for quite a while after being the test for Joe DiMaggio! Whether you are an avid baseball fan or just a casual reader, you will be charmed by this wonderful story of two incredible athletes!

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