Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Will Hatch?

What Will Hatch?
Written by Jennifer Ward
Illustrated by Susie Ghahremani
Walker & Company, 2013. Unpaged picture book.

This lovely picture book is perfect for spring, as it invites the reader to guess which animal will hatch from each egg. There are peekaboo holes that lead to the next page, where the answer is revealed in a banner. Seven animals hatch, including a platypus, tadpole, and robin. Their eggs are described as being like a "sandy ball" or "jelly, jiggly." This is a a wonderful look at animals who hatch from eggs, "oviparous" creatures, as explained in the afterword. Because it is more picture book than educational volume, What Will Hatch? will appeal to younger readers. The illustrations really make this one shine, and I think it is one of the most beautifully-designed books so far this year.

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lw said...

Sounds fun! Great review. thanks