Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The World is Waiting for YOU

The World is Waiting for You
by Barbara Kerley
National Geographic, 2013.  Unpaged.  Nonfiction.

     Award-winning author Barbara Kerley teams with the inimitable photographers of the National Geographic Society to create a picture book to get kids excited about the world they live in. The book begins with a picture of a boy crouching by a window, light pouring in.  "Right outside your window there's a world to explore.  Ready?"  From there, children are encouraged to get outside, follow that path, jump in the water, "get too wet," get your hands really muddy and "take a leap," maybe into outer space. This is a gorgeous book that will make kids and their grownups want to explore, get outside, try something new, slam the laptop shut, throw the controller behind the couch, do something real. Spring is the perfect time to spring (ha ha) this book on your kids and get 'em out the door to a world of fun, adventure, learning. 

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