Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sidney & Sydney: Third Grade Mix-Up

Sidney & Sydney: Third Grade Mix-Up
 by Michele Jakubowski
ill. by Luisa Montalto
Picture Window Books, 2013
124 pages, intermediate chapter book

What happens when a girl and a boy share the same name? Sydney Greene shows up to her first day of third grade only to discover there is a new boy in her school—Sidney Fletcher. Sydney may share a first name with the kid, but she and Sidney F. could not be more different. She is the shortest kid in her class, Sidney F. is the tallest. She loves fashionable, filly clothes. Sidney F. cares more about telling great jokes than he does about what he wears. But when their mothers suddenly become the best of friends, Sydney and Sidney find themselves thrown together—for better or for worse. Is it possible for these two to find common ground and actually become friends? This book has lots of full color illustrations and a storyline that alternates back and forth between the point of view of the two main characters--giving the reader both sides of their story. This a great intermediate reader that both boys and girls will love.

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