Monday, March 25, 2013

Mermin: Out of Water

Book One: Out of Water
by Joey Weiser
Diamond Comic Distributors 2013-02-20
152 pages, graphic novel
One fine day at the beach Claire, Pete and Toby find a strange creature washed ashore. He obviously came from the sea and he is clearly not human, but that is all they know. He says he needs somewhere to stay for awhile so Pete offers up his parent's hospitality. First thing they try to do is get the odd little guy to take a bath. However, he wants nothing to do with water of any kind. The next day, Mermin the Merman from Mer (yes, that is his name), begs to go to school with Pete. This of course leads to some interesting situations for all. Life gets even more interesting when a posse from Mer comes after young Mermin and the children are caught up in a power struggle they do not understand. This colorful graphic novel is perfect for intermediate readers. The panels are super-easy to follow. The text is large and there's not a lot of it making it great for early readers. This is the first in a series so hopefully in the next one we will find out exactly who Mermin is, why he left Mer and why they want him back!

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