Friday, March 15, 2013

Maggie's Chopsticks

Maggie's Chopsticks
by Alan Woo
illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant
Toronto ; Tonawanda, NY : Kids Can Press, c 2012
unpaged picture book

Little Maggie is finally big enough to use her very own chopsticks. She is determined to use them her own way even if she struggles. Each family member tries to show her their own method although they never seem to work for Maggie. She gets really frustrated until Father says, "You shouldn't worry what other people think. Everyone is different. Everyone is unique." This makes her feel better and she persists with her own learning until she is confident and comfortable. The gorgeous illustrations add another layer to the culture behind Maggie and her chopsticks. This is a great story to demonstrate individuality and that persistence will pay off.

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