Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello, Doctor

Hello, Doctor
By Michael Ecoffier; illustrated by Matthieu Maudet
Price Stern Sloan, 2012. Unpaged. Small picture book (board book).

If your toddler is already afraid of the doctor, just read this book and he'll realize there are much scarier things to find frightening! The friendly doctor in this book helps a crocodile and an elephant with their medical dilemmas, but when the wolf's turn comes up, no one is quite prepared for the turn of events. Although this book is funny enough, I wouldn't recommend it for most toddlers, especially if they're already afraid of the doctor, as most kids that age tend to be. However, it could be taken the other way entirely and might lighten the whole experience! All in all, this is a funny book with bright, humorous illustrations, but perhaps not best suited to the standard board book crowd.


lw said...

Sounds pretty funny, though, for the right kind of kid.

curlyq said...

Agreed! My toddler was very upset when I read it to her the first time (and she is also afraid of the doctor), but she kept bringing it to me to read and has fallen in love with it, surprisingly enough!