Friday, March 1, 2013


by Alan MacDonald
ill. by David Roberts
North Mankato, Minn. : Capstone Stone Arch Books, 2012
intermediate fiction, 111 pages

Bertie is very frustrated! He never washes his hands and is always filthy, yet it is his sister who has chicken pox and gets to miss school. Bertie is determined to catch the chicken pox too, or at least convince his mother that he has. After all, that has got to be easier than doing his homework. Later, Bertie's grandmother asks him to help her win a dance contest. Dancing is probably the last thing he wants to do until he discovers there is a prize involved. Now Bertie is itching to win. Or is that his competition that is itching? Finally, Bertie is left at home with a new babysitter. Let's just say his parents must not have been thinking clearly when they hired Kevin. Bertie realizes that too much freedom might not be such a good thing after all! These three humorous short stories will appeal to young boys who find more joy in getting dirty than in doing their homework!" WARNING: DON'T BE LIKE BERTIE! ALWAYS CATCH YOUR GERMS IN A TISSUE AND THROW IT AWAY. AND REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS! IT'S EASY-SNEEZY!"

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