Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dino Duck: Prehysterical

Dino Duck: Prehysterical
by Jay Fosgitt
Chila, Calif. : Ape Entertainment, 2012
unpaged, comic book
Did you know that "millions upon millions of years ago" dinosaurs weren't the only creatures living on Earth. They shared the planet with "crafty apes and big, hulking ducks wearing animal pelts". There is one nameless duck who is forced to live separate from his peers, he is just too intellectual for them. It is a good situation though as he is free to think and do whatever he pleases. He brilliantly invents items that make life easier for the rest of the tribe as well as aid them in their constant battle with the monkeys. However, the nameless duck wishes everyone could just get along - see he is really quite intelligent. Prehysterical is a funny comic book read for kids 3rd grade and up from the quirky creator of Little Green Men.

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