Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Super Secret Adventure Club

The Super Secret Adventure Club
By George McClements
Scholastic, c2012. 32 pages. Easy reader.

3 boys have created the perfect (no girls allowed!) structure out of cardboard boxes. But they all disagree about what the structure actually is. Each boy has their own imaginative contributions. Is it a rocket for space travel? A gigantic t-rex? Or is it a pirate ship? When little sister Bea hollers at them to stop fighting over their "Super Secret Adventure Clubhouse," she unwittingly christens their new hideaway. This is a whirlwind of boyish fun, as the three amigos are wild and energetic. The illustrations are fun, and it seems this might be the start of  a new series. A great read for new boy readers, particularly those who might have pesky little sisters!

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