Friday, February 8, 2013

Charley's First Night

Charley's First Night
by Amy Hest, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
Candlewick, 2012.  Unpaged.  Picture Book

     When Henry finds Charley on a snowy night, he knows the little dog wants to be taken home.  So he does. His parents say Charley can stay but Henry will be in charge of walking him (I couldn't wait to be in charge of walking Charley forever) and in charge of feeding Charley (and I couldn't wait to be in charge of feeding Charley forever), and Charley has to sleep in the kitchen. But Charley doesn't want to sleep in the kitchen so when he wakes up and cries, Henry runs downstairs, snuggles him, walks him around, and sends him back to sleep until Charley just can't stand it (nor can Henry) and they both fall asleep (by accident!) on Henry's bed. What a lovely story of a young boy's love for his dog, and the dog's for his young master.  It could hardly have been more better pictured, or better told.

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