Thursday, January 31, 2013

Display - Fairies

Written by Terri Windling
Art by Wendy Froud

Art by Wendy Froud

Written by Laura Melmed
Illustrated by Jim LaMarche
When the moon gives twelve tiny babies to a childless couple, the new parents take great care of their charges and eventually receive an unexpected reward.

Retold by Adèle Geras
Illustrated by Christian Birmingham
Enraged at not being invited to the princess's christening, a wicked fairy casts a spell that dooms the princess to sleep for one hundred years.

By J.M. Barrie 
Illustrated by Scott Gustafson

By Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black
Introduces the world of sprites and fairies through a review of their characteristics, mannerisms, lifestyle, habits, different names, and unique appearances.

Retold by Audrey Wood
Paintings by Ned Bittinger
The Root Children, who have been sleeping all winter, awake to become Blossom Children and experience the new life, the color, and the joys of spring.

By Charles de Lint 
Illustrated by Charles Vess
Twelve-year-old Lillian, an orphan who loves roaming the woods looking for fairies when her chores are done, is bitten by a deadly snake and saved through the magical forest creatures.

Written by Michelle Roehm McCann and  Marianne Monson-Burton
Illustrated by David Hohn
Describes various types of fairies from around the world and suggests related activities, recipes, and crafts.

Written by Theresa Bateman
Illustrated by Patience Brewster
When he and his brother Josh find a mer-baby caught in their fishing net, Tarron, rejecting his brother's plan to sell the baby and make a profit, discovers that there are greater treasures than gold.

By Lauren Mills and Dennis Nolan
Though she is a wingless fairy, Fia does what she can to help her friends the woodkins and proves her worthiness to be Queen when she sets out to rescue two little woodkins.

By Penny Dale
A young princess and her friends sleep under the spell of a fairy she forgot to invite to her birthday party, until someone comes along to awaken them.

Written by Laura Garnham 
Illustrated by Patricia MacCarthy

Lily befriends an injured young mermaid, taking her home to convalesce in an aquarium.

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