Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Desert Baths

Desert Baths
by Darcy Pattison, illustrated by Kathleen Rietz
Sylvan Dell, 2012.  Unpaged.  Nonfiction

     Some children may be envious of the methods animals use for taking baths in the desert.  Without much water to go around, hummingbirds slide down twigs or flowers to collect early morning dew to moisten their feathers, coyotes roll in the grass to clean their fur.  Some animals lick their young and themselves to slick up (lizards, bats, deer),  and many other desert animals roll around in the dust, or what little mud may be found to freshen up in the drylands. Kathleen Rietz's fine pictures will help children see the desert environment and a section of exercises at the end of the book (with permission to copy and distribute for educational purposes) makes this book ideal for classroom use.

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curlyq said...

I'll look for some flowers to slide down next time I'm running short on time and have to skip a shower.