Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brave Squish Rabbit

by Katherine Battersby
Viking, 2012. Unpaged picture book. 

I have only recently discovered the adorable character, Squish Rabbit.  Though I enjoyed Battersby's first book about Squish Rabbit, it is this second one, Brave Squish Rabbit, that has won my heart so utterly and completely. Squish is an extremely small bunny, which makes the world a large and frightening place. Squish is afraid of just about everything--storms, darkness, and most frightening of all . . . Chickens. When Squish's best friend goes missing one, stormy night, he knows that he must face his greatest fears and help save his BFF. And that is when the fun begins.  This is the perfect story for any little ones in your life who might need to discuss how to begin overcoming their fears.

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