Friday, December 14, 2012

Ralph Tells a Story

Ralph Tells a Story
by Abby Hanlon
Amazon, 2012.  Unpaged.  Picture Book.

     Ralph's teacher claims their are "stories everywhere," but though his classmates agree as they are writing their little faces off, Ralph can't come up with anything. Even though he begs to go help the lunch ladies rather than read his story to the class the day of reckoning comes and he stands up to read his two sentences:  "I was at the park.  An inchworm crawled on my knee." Spurred on by the excited questions of his classmates, Ralph comes up, on the fly, with the Incredible Adventures of Nick the Inchworm.  After that, there is no holding Ralph back as the stories flow:  "The Crazy Supermarket Cart," "When My Baby Brother Ate Hot Sauce," and "The Scariest Hamster," to name only a few. A terrific story for budding young authors who may not want to be authors.

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