Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pomelo Explores Color

Pomelo Explores Color
Written by Ramona Badescu
Illustrated by Benjamin Chaud
Enchanted Lion Book, 2012. Small picture book.

Pomelo the elephant is having a day in which everything around him seems dull, black and white. Upon exploring his garden, he discovers a wondrous world of color and excitement. Pomelo (who is a small, pink fellow with an unusually long nose) finds that there is plenty to enjoy on his journey. His discoveries include "the messy brown of muddy earth, the shiny brown of chestnuts, and the breathtaking brown of Gigi" (the garden snail). This small picture book is full of learning opportunities about observing and describing. Badescu's concept and Chaud's artwork are a lovely companionship. This would make a nice bedtime story, or something to treasure when feeling blue.

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