Saturday, December 15, 2012

Display - Christmas Stories

Written by Judi Barrett
Illustrated by Kevin Hawks
A baby in Cincinnati whose first words are "ho ho ho" grows up to become Santa Claus.

By Rosemary Wells
Despite his sister Ruby's admonitions, Max waits up on Christmas Eve to see Santa Claus coming down the chimney.

By Clement Clarke Moore
A well-known poem about an important Christmas Eve visitor.

By David Kirk
It's Christmas Eve and Little Miss Spider is lonely--she doesn't have a little brother or sister to help build snowy creatures and join in her holiday games. Just when Little Miss Spider is wishing her hardest for a friend, she gets whopped with a snowball and discovers Asparagus Beetle...

Written by Susan Wojciuechowski
Illustrated by P.J. Lynch
The widow McDowell and her seven-year-old son Thomas ask the gruff Jonathan Toomey, the best wood-carver in the valley, to carve the figures for a Christmas creche.

By Truman Capote
A reminiscence of a Christmas shared by a seven-year-old boy and a sixtyish childlike woman, with enormous love and friendship between them.

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