Monday, November 26, 2012

Bear Despair

Bear Despair
by Gaetan Doremus
Enchanted Lion Books, 2012.  Unpaged.  Picture Book

     Big Aqua-Colored Bear is snoozing away with his purple teddy bear tucked under his arm, minding his own night-time business, when along comes Wolf Who Also Looks Like an Alligator.  He steals Bear's bear, runs away with it, and then tosses it into the air to land who knows where.  Dumb move, Wolf Who Also Looks Like an Alligator.  Bear is mad and he swallows the wolf whole. In the meantime, Lion finds the teddy bear and teases B A-C Bear with it until the bear swallows him. More animals (and sometimes their eggs) disappear down Big Angry Aqua-Colored Bear's maw until the Sea Creature Least Likely to Get Swallowed grabs purple teddy bear and makes everything right.  Doremus's charming wordless picture book is a child-friendly laugh riot, and an artistic success, chosen by the New York Times as one of the best-illustrated picture books of 2012.

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