Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit! The Delicious Life of Julia Child
By Jessie Hartland
Schwartz & Wade Books, c2012. Biography.

Jessie Hartland has written and illustrated a fantastic book about the life of the incomparable Julia Child. The story is written in present tense, and the delightfully fluid illustrations will make you feel like you are on a journey through Julia's life. Her story begins in Pasadena, growing up with a personal chef and a love of eating. Her school days are filled with playing basketball- to which she was perfectly suited because of her height and size 12 feet! I loved reading about the courtship between Julia and and her future husband Paul. They fall in love in China as they work for the U.S. government, and bond over their passion for exploring new cuisine. There is, of course, much to learn about Julia's cooking career with the publication of her cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and her television show "The French Chef." This biography is just lovely. Check out the yummy crepe recipe and recommended reading at the end.


lw said...

One day I was watching "The French Chef" (before you were born) and Julia Child dropped a roasting chicken on the floor. She just put it back in the pan and said "Remember, no one sees what you do in the kitchen." She is my absolute fave.

BLT said...

Remind me never to eat din-din at your house :)