Monday, August 27, 2012

The French Fry King

The French Fry King
By Rogé
Tundra Books, c2012. 32 pages. Picture book.

Roger is a cute sausage dog with a lot of ambition. His mind is occupied with many questions about the world, such as, "If I had a human girlfriend, would we hold hands or paws?" His most pressing question is what to do with his life, which is not an easily-solved problem for a sausage dog. After much thought and observation, he decides to open a french fry food truck. This turns out to be Roger's million-dollar idea, as he soon experiences success around the world with his delectable fries. This fun picture book is very French, with its subtle humor and philosophical musings. Children will enjoy Roger's funny adventures and the objects hidden among the artwork, such as an Ipod or Rubik's cube.

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