Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fire and Hemlock

Fire and Hemlock
By Diana Wynne Jones
Firebird, 2012, c1985. 438 pp. Juvenile chapter book.

When Polly turns 19, she realizes one day she seems to have two sets of memories--one of the standard day-to-day types of things and the other mixed up with fantastical heroic adventures involving a cellist, Thomas Lynn. As she tries to remember more about her sets of memories, the ordinary set start to overpower the others and she knows something isn't right. Polly's quest to discover the source of her true memories reveals that someone has been trying to force her to forget Thomas Lynn--and she needs to find out why.

Although this is an older book, it's been given new life with a spanking new cover to appeal to the modern crowd. The story, however, needs no such refurbish, being timeless and appealing across generations. Diana Wynne Jones is a master of fantasy, character driven stories, and surprise endings--and this book has them all.

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