Saturday, August 25, 2012

Display - The War of 1812

By Ann Graham Gaines
A thorough, illustrated biography discussing the childhood, career, family, and term of Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the United States.

 By Lizann Flat
Examines the repercussions of the War of 1812, including territorial changes and Native American relocation.

By Robin Johnson
 Profiles important figures from all stages of the war, from those involved in the lead-up to war, including Tecumseh and Thomas Jefferson, to those critical to bringing about its end, such as Andrew Jackson.

By Ann Graham Gaines
Though he was soft-spoken and small in stature, James Madison had a keen intelligence and a deep passion for his country. A co-writer of the Constitution, Madison also deftly guided the young United States through the War of 1812. Learn about his journey from sickly youth to fourth president of the United States in this illustrated biography.

By Gloria Whelan
Twelve-year-old Mary and her older brother and sister tend the family farm on Michgan's Mackinac Island while their father is away fighting the British in the War of 1812.

By Steven Kroll
 An account of the writing of the "Star-Spangled Banner," detailing how Key was actually behind enemy lines at the time seeking release of a captured friend from the British, who would not allow their departure until the bombardment of Baltimore was completed.

By Don Brown

By Stephen Krensky
In 1814, when their father leaves them in charge of the Scituate lighthouse outside of Boston, two teenaged sisters devise a clever way to avert an attack by a British warship patrolling the Massachusetts coast.

By Susan Goldman Rubin
 A high-action portrait of the infamous historical pirate who pursued high-seas ambitions as a youth before settling down in New Orleans describes how he became a respected businessman, made pivotal contributions to the War of 1812 and exposed a British invasion plot.

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