Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Exceptionals

The Exceptionals
By Erin Cashman
Holiday House, 2012. 236 pp. Juvenile chapter book.

Claire Walker family all has amazing powers, with the exception of Claire--or so everyone believes. Despite her believed lack of talent, she is packed off and sent to Cambial Academy, a school for kids supernaturally inclined. As she finds herself settling in, she is alerted to strange happenings at the school as well as hints of past prophecies that mention a girl who sounds suspiciously like herself.  Claire soon finds herself deeply immersed in the school's situation and realizes she must completely embrace her own dubious talent to truly help.

This was a good book with adventure and intrigue and would be interesting for both boys and girls. I liked the main character, Claire, and her friends as well. Although the writing wasn't the best, it was still an enjoyable book and children will love the supernatural element. There is some light romance, also. Parents should be forewarned there is objectionable language lightly peppered throughout the last several chapters of the book. The book is marked for ages 11 and up. 

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