Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Display - London 2012 Olympics

The Story of Britain
 Written by Patrick Dillon
Illustrated by P.J. Lynch

Mary Poppins
Written by P.L. Travers
Illustrated by Mary Shepard
An extraordinary English nanny blows in on the East Wind with her parrot-headed umbrella and magic carpetbag and introduces her charges, Jane and Michael, to some delightful people and experiences.

Canoeing and Kayaking
By Lois Rock
Presents an introduction to these outdoor sports, with information on the equipment used, skills and techniques, and different types of canoeing and kayaking.

Gymnastics Events
By Jason Page
The balance beam, floor rings, team events, & a whole lot more.

By Clive Gifford
An introduction to the sport of running: learn about techniques, rules, different types of races, and more.

Splash It Swimming
By Trudee Romanek

A Basic Guide to Wrestling
By Suzanne Ledeboer

A World Class Sprinter
By Clive Gifford

By Clive Gifford
An introduction to soccer, including techniques, rules, and the training regimen of professional athletes in the sport.

Field Athletics
By Clive Gifford
 This book introduces field athletics and presents step-by-step descriptions of the different events and the techniques, training, and equipment required.

Swimming and Diving
By Clive Gifford
An introduction to a variety of swimming and diving sports the summer Olympics, including lap races, open water races, diving, and synchronized swimming. Also explains rules, records, and famous Olympic athletes in each sport.

Water Polo: Rules, Tips, Strategy, and Safety
By Tracie Egan

By Clive Gifford
An introduction to swimming, including techniques, rules, and the training regimen of professional athletes in the sport.

Equestrian Events
By Bob Knotts
Describes the connection between horses and people, show jumping, dressage, and various equestrian events.

Horseback Riding: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Secrets of Horseback Riding
By Caroline Stamps
Accessible and easy to follow, this book is full of engaging graphics and newly commissioned step-by-step photographs. How to - Horseback Riding features information on all areas of riding, from getting ready to ride and proper attire, to show competitions, including dressage, cross country jumping, and Western riding. Written in consultation with an expert equestrian with extensive experience teaching young children to ride, this guide is a wonderful companion to anyone's riding lessons.

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