Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sounds Spooky

Sounds Spooky
Written by Christopher Cheng
Illustrated by Sarah Davis
Random House Australia, 2011.  Unpaged.  Picture Book.

 This book features what has got to be the CUTEST ghost in the whole world. She is in her haunted house alone and there are spooky noises coming from downstairs. But she's a ghost--she's not scared. Or is she? This fun Halloween picture book is a delight to look at. Every little detail of the haunted house and its sprawling rooms has been lovingly recreated in miniature by the artist, Sarah Davis. The darling dolls that star as the main characters in the story are utterly adorable in every way. Readers will want to linger over each page taking everything in. The story is full of descriptive onomatopoeia sounds that kids will enjoy reading as they explore the haunted house right along with its characters. Are you brave enough . . . ?

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